Jump Those Prayer Journaling Hurdles! Hurdle #1

close up of woman writing journal and cup of coffee

Have you always wanted  to try prayer journaling but have reservations? This is #1 of 6 objections I hear frequently. Let’s jump these hurdles one at a time, OK?

  1. This is just too weird. Spontaneous prayer through prayer journaling could be something really foreign to you, I know. Many Catholics, especially those of us who are *cough cough* middle-age, are unfamiliar with this notion of talking to God beyond using the prayers we were taught as children. Our memorized prayers were supposed to check off that box. I spent 20+ years away from the Catholic Church when I attended a Protestant church with my husband and children. I am so happy to be back home in the Catholic Church after that long absence, but I have to admit I learned many wonderful things from my Christian brothers and sisters.  One of those blessings was learning how to add personal conversation with Jesus to my life.  They made it all so…simple. Uncomplicated. Personal. I had missed that lesson in my Catholic upbringing, and unfortunately, many from my era did too.  But it became possible for me, and it will become possible for you too. And after a few months, all of the “weirdness” will disappear, I guarantee it!